April 7 -- Most of My Heroes Don't Appear on no Stamps!

But one of them rightfully does...

I know what you’re thinking… “Phlip, you lazy f*ck!”
And you MIGHT not be terribly inaccurate in such an assessment, except for 2 things…

Nothing was more “on topic” for today’s post than what I have chosen.

And… if I had known that this would happen just 2 days later, I might have chosen differently the first time around.

Today marks the day that, in 1940 and quite apparently to commemorate his date of birth, Booker T Washington – my topic from 2 days ago – was made the first black American to appear on a postage stamp.

I could go in on why this should matter, but I SWEAR I did the research and typing on that just a couple days ago, please refer back to that instead? Please and thank you.


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