April 8 -- 715

Today we will revisit the topic of 02/05's discussion...

Given my well-documented disdain for one of the two truly American sports – and the definite more boring of them – I can only seem to allow myself to be drawn into discussion of it to speak ill of it or to draw out coffee-colored heroes of it.
Today, in 1974, Hank Aaron forged through the mountain of death threats and hate mail to break a record that no black dude was supposed to ever own. Any lesser man might have simply said “fuck this” and gone and done something else instead.

As times changed, “those” people seemed to get that Hank Aaron was a genuinely good human being and not to be judged by the content of his skin, but by the color of his character…
[Phlip note – wait… did I get that right?]
We would find later on in life when as a certain Barry L Bonds drew in on the record himself just what might happen when someone who was NOT likable made a run at a record held by someone who was and his recent conviction has me SURE of the fact that the ensuing shitstorm is a testament to what can happen.
Especially if the villain is black.
But there again, I would talk about Barry Bonds in a separate post if I was so inclined to care about such things at length enough to do so.

For now, Hank owns April 8, and if you ask a great many, the asterisks that record books now deserve because of baseball’s “steroids era” will leave this to be absolutely true for one more generation at least.


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