An Alcoholic's repost

Originally posted 04/07/2010

Do you know what happened today in 1933?
If you're like me and you love beer, then you do.
Today marks the day that Prohibition ended in the United States of America.
Recently, as in from the day after Fat Tuesday until this past Sunday (Easter), I gave up Beer for Lent, against the expectations of those who might want to think I am what they want me to be instead of allowing me to be who I am...
Anyway, the utter silliness of Prohibition compared to the revenue it created/creates, compared to money made in a flourishing bootleg market that brought us what is now NASCAR racing, oddly enough was eventually brought to a close on this day. One would think this to be kind of a big deal, but apparently no surprise to Frank Yuengling -- the son of the "Son" in the D.G. Yuengling & Son -- who sent a truckload of his "Winner Beer" to FDR to enjoy in the White House. Noteworthy is that Yuengling beer took 3+ weeks to brew and age at the time, not to mention that it might have taken a full day or two to get to DC from Pottsville PA in 1933 terms... As a fan of Yuengling, I know that FDR had to have enjoyed this truckload.
[Phlip note - it is also rumored to be El. Presidente Blackie McBlackerson's favorite beer as well, I knew I liked that dude for something (no homeaux) or another]

Sure, it did not fully go into law until December of the same year, but the repeal was set into motion today, allowing for beers of no more than 3.2% alcohol per volume -- a start -- being allowed.
As it were, there is still quite a bit of regulation now that falls into the hands of individual states and/or municipalities. F'rinstance, here in NC, you can only buy hard liquor Mon-Sat and not on holidays, and can only buy beer and wine after noon on Sundays. Some counties, you cannot buy any alcohol on Sundays, and others still not at all on any day. I know this to also be the case in some places in SC. GA is similar, except there are no similarly state-apportioned liquor stores, and in some (if not all) counties, there is NO alcohol sales on Sundays except in restaurants and bars. I am quite fine with the arrangement as it relates to where I live, being 3 blocks from the Alcoholic Beverage Control store, itself next door to the grocery store. I have no problem acquiring my intoxicant of choice during established operating hours, even if I leave my house to cop with only 5 minutes left til shutdown.

The way I see this and given that it was such a foregone conclusion to even those in the hooch industry -- and as a well established alcoholic -- this is an event worth celebrating, so everyone except for Tony Grand$ should crack one open and have a drink with the old boy.
Those of you who are connected with me on Facebook already got an invite to come on by and knock one back with me or to have one in spirit in the comfort of your own homes, and I meant that.


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