Classic British automotive Pr0ns -- Aston Martin DB4

When I search for the images to use in these things, sometimes I happen upon cars to use in future ones... In such, this one was searched, written and images attached 3 weeks ago when I actually did the one on the Benz SLR.
Sue me, I think ahead...

Anyway, Aston Martin is more than just the "James Bond cars," even though they very much ARE the car that Daniel Craig is very much wheeling as 007 these days.
In fact, there was a time that they were quite heavy in the sportscar game. This one was no different, coming in proper coupe and convertible configurations. The GT version, which you will see more of than others in this were the racing version, and Lord knows that they were taken that way, with the Zagato specifically, lighter weight and brisk performance, with 6ish seconds to 60MPH and a top speed of around 155ish.

You've seen one in movies if you have seen The Italian Job or Goldfinger.
On to the images, now.

Gallery can be found here.


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