I have always been of the opinion that April is given something that other months do not, in the whole "April Fools" prank day...

Me being the jerk equal-rights advocate that I am, I am declaring that the first of every month except for January and July "[...] Fools" day, and you are thence allowed to run about pulling pranks on all your friends and family members.
January 1st is not to be changed because it is a holiday already, and New Years is kind of a big deal already. July is off limits because it is my birthday and ain't NOTHING foolish about my birthday.

As with anything, it is expected that this will not be universally accepted, likely even shunned by some, but that will be the fun of it.
Seriously, how many people get pinched EVERY year on St. Patrick's?
How many people ALWAYS seem to get caught the fuck up in someone's April Fools prank every year?

How many of you are the latter of those two? WELL NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!!
The advantage for you here is that NO ONE will know what they have coming. Seriously, who expects to be pranked on any day other than April 1st, except for Ashton Kutcher's friends.
[Phlip note - does that shit even come on anymore?]

That right there is your leg up, and should be worked to your advantage. Be aware, though, that you should be prepared to have to kick an ass after a few months of this. Trust and believe that this shit will sooner than later wear thin on everyone. When that happens, they will either return the favor, beating you to it, or just knuckle up and put you on the spot. No in between, unless of course they just plain decide to stop being around you.

If nothing, this will be your way of shaking off the ones who aren't necessarily your real friends.


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