In the kitchen with Phlip -- Black People Love Chicken

Not gonna keep you long, tonight...

Step 1 - thaw and rub down chicken with vegetable (or olive) oil
Step 2 - dry rub: (quantities are inexact, I just toss em in on a gamble, no measure) ground ginger, ground mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, sage, parsley, Jamaican curry and saigon cinnamon. rub it down liberally as seen, cover and place in fridge for AT LEAST 1, up to about 24 hours. I opted for 24 hours.

Next day...

Step 3 - bake (covered) at 275º for 2 hours, remove from oven:

Step 4 - crank the oven to 425º, place chicken BACK in the oven uncovered for 15-20 minutes. This will create a crispy skin on it, like so:

Allow to cool long enough to handle comfortably and enjoy!

To those looking to attempt this at home, you can use pretty much any piece of the chicken, methinks wings would be GLORIOUS in this rub, but I was out.
Now for the cooking part (applicable to the legs you see, times would naturally be shorter for wings) to be applied tomorrow after work.
This can be cooked one of two ways; baking and grilling. As my grill needs to be cleaned for the season, I did these in the method I described above.


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