In the kitchen with Phlip -- Bread Pudding

I know what you're thinking "shut the hell up, Phillip, you don't bake!"
... and you would be right in that observation.  I usually don't, but I was up yesterday morning watching the Food Network and I had a couple of dollars to buy myself something, so I went down to the grocery store and made some plans.

Start with a flat of crack cocaine King's Hawaiian rolls

And dice them up

Then a container of grocery store Croissants

Dice them up too, put them in the same bowl and toss them together to mix

Rub the pan you will use with butter, put all the diced bread in it and set it aside

Genuine Swiss white chocolate bar

Once you hit it with the knife, it will start breaking up nicely, get it as fine as possible

Put it in a bowl, add semi-sweet chocolate chips (or chocolate/peanut butter if you're me) and toss to mix

(sorry, forgot to photograph them "tossed," the white chocolate is underneath)

Spread them on top of and in the nooks/crannies of the diced bread

Now we will make the "sauce."
Start with 6 eggs

1.5 cups of chocolate sauce
2 spoons brown sugar
1 dash of salt
1 spoon cinnamon
1/5 spoon of nutmeg
6 cups of milk
and whisk it all together REALLY well

(not pictured)
Pour this onto the diced bread in the pan, then press the bread with a spatula to soak in the custard, making sure you get ALL the diced bread wet.

Set aside and let's make the upper crust.
In the mini chopper, put equal parts Walnuts (or pecans), Macadamias and Cashews - or any nuts of your choosing - and crush.

In a smallish (1qt) bag, mix the crushed nuts with 2 spoons of flour, one of brown sugar, a dash of salt and 2tsp of cubed butter, then walk around the house singing off key forgetting that Ava is asleep while you mix it in hand.

Now, spread it on top of the waiting dish, and bake at 350º for 45-60 minutes, until the edges are crisping and the middle of it pushes back when pressed.

The topping will be crispy, the edges will be cakey (I know that is not a word), the inside of the dish will be VERY gooey, kind of wet even.  The only thing it was missing when I tasted it was vanilla icecream and I, like a dummy, have been to the store 5 times since finishing and have yet to buy any.

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome here and my next attempts will be to deal in different flavors and such.


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