In the Kitchen With Phlip -- Chicken Strips

This will be my shortest one of these ever, but it really was just as easy as I will make it out to be.
1 - go to Grocery store with daughter, buy boneless/skinless chicken breasts, bread crumbs (regular OR panko, I used both), and parmesan.

(pictured: cute baby and none of the ingredients)

2 - cut chicken into strips and dip into all-purpose flour, set aside

3 - set out an eggwash (mine consists of 2 beaten eggs and one dash each apple cider vinegar and olive oil and some seasonings), and a 3-to-1 mixture of seasoned bread crumbs and parmesan.

(additional option: add some crushed sunflower kernels and/or cashews - use the mini chopper to dust them up nicely)

4 - dip floured chicken in egg wash, then roll in bred crumb mixture, then place onto a foiled/sprayed cookie sheet

5 - pre-heated 375° oven for 45 minutes or until the fattest part of your thickest one is 165° with the meat thermometer


I warn that these will be crispy the first time you have them, but do not maintain that when reheated. If you're particular about things like that, keep that in mind when you choose your quantities and consider your leftovers.

Variations to this include that you CAN deep fry them until done (until they float, if you don't know how to fry), but we do not do the deep frying thing in my house much these days.  Parmesan is also PURELY optional and there are no limitations on the seasonings you can use.  Also I might have preferred to season the chicken at least an hour, but preferably 8 or more but that was not in the cards.


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