In the Kitchen with Phlip -- BAWLS!

Meatballs, that is.
Warning, there might be gratuitous innuendousness in this post.

Every Tuesday for the past 5 (going on 6) weeks now, I have made meatballs from ground chicken/turkey sausage.  These were the ones I made two weeks ago.  Each time I have come up with a different sauce to cook them in, only once has that sauce been a standard red spaghetti sauce.

Ground Chicken/turkey meatballs in a cheese sauce

Cast of characters: Cream of Chicken and Cheddar Cheese soups, cheese of your choice and chicken broth

Diced peppers/onions

One pound of ground chicken, one pound of turkey sausage, you can use beef and pork if you eat those.  I do not

And dice up some turkey bacon in your chopper (optional).  Naturally, you can use regular bacon if you eat red meat

Toss in the pepper mixture...

... and some bread crumbs

grate a little of that Gouda you had in the fridge and need to use (optional)

Two eggs (or one egg for every pound of meat)

get your hands REALLY dirty, then wash them

Grate the rest of that Gouda...

... and ALL of that pepper jack, we's about to make some cheese sauce

Start a roux: a little oil and a handful of all-purpose flour
(not pictured: black pepper, onion and garlic powders as well)

When it is THIS color, it is time for action...

... by "action," I mean toss in the chicken broth and one of its can full of water

And all the cheeses, leave on medium/high heat, but DO NOT let it boil if you cook with no shirt on like I do...  In all seriousness, though, boiling will not be necessary, just get it hot enough to mix it up.  Lower the heat and go back to that big red bowl

If you roll out the balls HUGE, you will get between 13-15, medium size will net you the 20 you see here

Mix the diced tomatoes in the cheese sauce, then pour the cheese sauce on them, cover the pan and put them into a waiting 375º oven

All done! The cheesy ones, naturally, will go best with potatoes. You can consider yourself finished when your meat thermometer shows 165º

When you're done, you can tell all your family and friends to put your balls in their mouth and tell you how they taste.

I don't specialize in pretty food, I specialize in fucking TASTY food.


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