States want to secede… I say experiment starting with Texas

(so you telling me they been IN America the whole time… and they wanna LEAVE?!)

So apparently some people are a bit salty about Obama having won the election and CITIZENS (not the people in charge, mind you) have taken to petitioning The White House to peacefully grant their states secession.

Honestly, comparatively few people are actually taking this seriously. Many people signing the petitions don’t even live IN the states petitioning to secede in the first place. As I understand and as of when I type this, 19 states have such petitions in place with Louisiana and Texas being the largest to do so and naturally having the largest number of participants. Granted, neither has the 25,000 signatures needed to warrant a response from The White House yet, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

In the meantime, I came up with an idea.
Start off by granting ONE state their request. For this to work, it will have to be a Border State – I am thinking Texas will work for this – and they have to do so with the understanding that transfer of power would be immediate. This means that they would IMMEDIATELY remove US military from the newly-foreign land and then NOT consider them an ally when the inevitable happens.

The in-between time will require that we NOT forget the brain drain that would happen. That “drain” includes a period of time just before the nation is made sovereign, an EXODUS of:
  • corporations 
  • the educated 
  • the skilled 
  • hell anyone with the means to leave. 

... unless they force people to stay by threat of violence

Basically, they'd be stuck with idiots, dissidents, the unskilled, and the folks too poor to leave, thereby basically becoming a 3rd world nation

Remember, now, that not negotiating treaties with them will also be the order of the day. Ass will assuredly be dragged in the granting of Visas and passports – not that it is a very efficient process as it is now. No trade, no travel no nothing. You can't fly over our airspace, use our harbors, railroad, highways, nor can you bring your goods into the U.S. because Cuba-level embargos would be in place.

Since Mexico has likely been champing at the bit to get their hands back on Texas for almost 200 years now, I can’t imagine it would be more than a year before the border – sans US Customs and Immigration – would become totally overrun and the country take the militarily UN-equipped country of Texas as their own with little in the way of opposition.
Too bad, really, that they would have by then made themselves an enemy nation without thinking through the necessary infrastructure that they had taken for granted and tossed out the window because of Obamacare (or whatever about Obama their citizens didn’t like).

After a one year “experiment” with the Sovereign Nation of Texas with ZERO United States support, the United States goes back through the paces of going to war with Mexico to get it back. They THEN look to other states and simply ask “okay, who wants to secede now?” and watch with a wry grin as NO ONE volunteers to repeat the nightmare that resulted.

Grant Puerto Rico statehood to keep the number of states even in Texas' absence (and thereby lowering what it would cost me to visit there) if Texas decides to be so stubborn as to force themselves to be divided and incorporated into New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana instead of coming back in like before.


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