Where has he been?

            Wow, looks like a ghost town around these parts, huh?

I saw the tumbleweed and heard the eerie music too, not to mention it seems that Blogger has changed things quite a bit in the dashboard as well.
I haven’t left the two of you and my intentions have not been to let you down.

I’ve been BUSY!!!

  • One full-time job (the one that pays my mortgage)
  • One semi-part time job (beer doesn’t pay for itself)
  • Got married back in June
  • A 1 year-old (a SECOND full-time in itself)
  • Working on TWO books at the same damned time (tired of sitting on my dream)
  • Sometimes posting on two other higher-profile sites; rippdemup.com and thetonygrands.com
  • We won’t even MENTION Tumblr (well, not again after that)

Yeah, suffice it to say that my hands have been VERY full of late, to the tune of an average of less than a post per month this year.

Unfortunately, other than what I have mentioned above, nothing of particular interest has happened to me this year.  Beyond those, I’d TRIED to come up with a reasonable schedule of posts/reposts and just didn’t.

I am not here to make excuses or beg for anyone to stick with me, more or less simply to convince myself to try to put something out here for a change.  I mean, I haven’t been NOT writing, and hell I haven’t been NOT writing for me, I just haven’t been writing on my own blog.
Both links to the above sites take you directly to tagged posts that I have written there.

Now to get to work on filling up my own again sometime very soon.


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