Random acts of immaturity

Slow news week, lol.
Michael Jordan went on and actually agreed with me about how wrong LeBron was the other day. No need to speak on that, because confirmation of my aversions to anything LeBron says makes people who can't think these things through fully call me a "hater," so I will leave it there...
Ramping up to vacation next weekend after Thanksgiving, so I will not be doing much cooking this week, posting will be quite sparing, I think.
I am in the mood for some photo phun, this time I shot the pics.

I am a sorry example of an individual so addicted to wristwatches... Of these 10 watches, only 4 are NOT in need of batteries, same applies to the two my brother has at current as well.

Wait, what?

Went to the flea market this afternoon to look and see if there were any White Jesus or Michael Jackson t-shirts, or perhaps some Obama Air Force Ones that interested me.
All we got out of this was a hearty chuckle at this hunk o' shit Civic.
Laugh with us.

Looks like they're raising VANS now for this shit, this is fucking CRAZY!!!

See, raising vans, and promoting the shittiest artists ever fucking invented.

Here, we find a man on a bicycle on a Sunday morning/afternoon in an all white suit in November with his pants tucked into his brown socks... Jesus, please take the wheel!

Not much happened during yesterday's adventures, then it started raining and we had a family dinner with my family and extended family and called it a night.
I will come up with something more to post before bouncing for vacation this coming weekend.


Again, I must ask...WTF is a Wacka Flocka?
Tony Grands said…
I'll up your missing batteries with missing batteries AND broken bands for 6 of the 9 I own. I have this ill Lakers watch that, I'll admit, I wear batteryless when it compliments my ensemble.

We call that "budget playin'".

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