In the kitchen with Phlip -- "Breakfast for dinner" edition... Hashbrown casserole

I have mentioned this on the forum, via text message and on FaceBook and the last time I did it and took pictures I was under the residuals of having been EXTREMELY intoxicated the night before the night I closed on the house, so the pictures weren't very good...
Here I am, 2.5 weeks later, new stove and a new plan.

Let's cook!
Start with the new knife that The Katie bought you while you were at work having your soul removed slowly today:

and use it to dice up ONE russet potato (or two small Yukon Golds, do NOT use a different kind of potato, I warned you):

dice one half of whatever onion you should so choose, today I chose a yellow:

and dice ONE of these:

Like so:

Oil your largest pan nicely and start in on the potatoes on medium-hi heat:

Work over the potatoes in the pan until soft, and browning to a crisp:

... and add the meat and onions:

Stay on this until the ONIONS are soft and cooked.

Crack 4 eggs:

Then SCRAMBLE them sumbitches:

Line the pan with foil:

[Phlip note - lining it with foil makes cleanup less of a pain in the ass]

Spread the meat/onion/potatoes across the bottom of it, then pour in the eggs and move pan around until they're spread across the entire bottom of the pan:

*Photograph forgotten*
Sprinkle cheese of your choosing on top of this and set the oven on 350 or 375, then put it in there.



Quick, simple as hell to make, damned tasty and feeds four.


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