Photo phun, Phlip style

Way too much seriousness around these parts.
No particulars on the sources of these, some shot by me, some emailed at random times or simply found somewhere on the internets.

Picture time.

Eric Cartman, Los Angeles Dodgers fan
No further comment necessary.

And here, all this time I was under the impression that one is NOT supposed to drink the bong water, but here they are selling it in Target.

Can you think of names of places you REALLY would not like to have a meal from?
I bet you can now.

"Dark Chocolate Chunk"...
Sounds like the results of one of my Scrabble games.

Soap I will NEVER use.

Please join me for a moment of prayer for President Clinton, Regis Philbin, Michelle Obama and--...
This isn't real, is it?

"Included in the 'Famous Fudge Kit' is all you need to be JUST like other famous fudges - skinny jeans, tight shirts and man bags"

Apparently, Kanye was waiting to exact his response to being called a "jackass"

If this needs a caption, you are clearly either retarded and have no soul or sense of humor.

Wait, just what the fuck are we trying to teach these kids in Toys-R-Us?!!?

The lesson imparted on the kiddies in this image is obvious... Bus stopped directly in front of the worst Churches Chicken in the city (arguably in the entire state)
[Phlip note - The Katie gets photographer's credit for catching this one]


Never underestimate the ability of nerds with time on their hands... Taken outside of a comic book shop. Sometimes I wonder... aloud... in the presence of The Katie, whether these things might actually take place if these kids had ever gotten laid.

I've been sitting on this post for long enough, I will go ahead and post away now, see you folks with another soon enough.


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