Italian Automotive Pr0ns -- Ferrari 458 Italia

I will warn you now before I even get down to it...
There would be SO much more to this set if I did not vehemently detest the color red.
The preference is mostly inexplicable, but I do not own ONE red article of clothing and would likely REFUSE a red car unless I had the capital means to have it made to a color other than red within days of purchase, and even then would think twice before driving it home.
My dislike for the color red is that strange.

Anyway, this is a blog about a Ferrari, a company that has made a life for themselves based mostly on the color red...
Sensibilities being as they are, I am a car nut first, so I might have to include a red car here and there, and I will apply the excuse that I will likely never own one of these anyway, so there.

Know as well that there will be a lot of renderings in this one, as the car was just introduced officially about 6 weeks ago, so naturally there are not a lot of them around yet, even on the international auto show circuit.

Told you this one would be short, I am done now.
See here for the gallery if you so care to.


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