Italian automotive pr0ns -- Pagani Zonda

The word on the curb when it comes to SuperDuperCars is "exclusivity."
When you look at almost 11 years of production and only about 115 cars produced, you HAVE exclusivity. The cost of admission was $320k in 1999, and has peaked at $2.2million last year.
In one bout of what one might consider blasphemy, the Italian supercar is powered by a German engine, always a 6+ liter Mercedes AMG engine making retarded numbers powering the rear wheels from the middle of the car.
The only model in the Pagani lineup, the Zonda will end this year with a run of race cars, and will be of course replaced with a more exclusive and more expensive model in the not-too-distant future, one might guess.
This blog, though, is about the Pagani Zonda, and all years, models and renderings are allowed.

Link to the gallery created can be found right here.


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