German Automotive Pr0ns -- Audi RS6

Fun fact:
I would LOVE to have a station wagon.
I know, seems weird that someone with no designs on procreating anytime in the near future would WANT a station wagon, but stranger things have definitely happened.
The subject of today's 'Automotive Pr0ns' is an automobile made available in both sedan AND wagon form. One thing about having a run-of-the-mill granny station wagon, but another in and of itself to have a fire-breathing wagon making over 440 (now over 550) horses and accelerating more efficiently than "dedicated" sports cars. To hear one of these things on the gas in traffic is what this series is titled for, quite simply.
Audi's racing life helps greatly in the development of these, and parts interchange built into the sensibilities of how they operate doesn't hurt one little bit. In such, the sedans were active in some Touring Car series, which comes as no surprise to anyone who should know.
In so much, despite my odd fixation on wagons, you will see a mix of wagons and sedans here, as well as both models, the C5 and C6, both of which I like a whole lot.

You can find the link to the full gallery here.


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