1 year later...

02/11/2009, I largely abandoned my MySpace blog in favor of this one. I can access Google from work, while I can't access MySpace, and that is enough reason right there...
I know I am a few days over as it relates to the "annual" side of this, but one should probably look at the fact that I had REGISTERED this blog in December 08, but not bothered to touch it for a couple months after even that fact, so don't judge me.
It's been a crazy year, I don't post as much as some people I read, I am not as well-known as some people I regularly shoot the shit with, but I have had a consistently enjoyable experience so far.
I will not join the exodus to Wordpress that seems to be going down as of late, what with the clipping of the blogger-hosted blogs that feature music. No, I do not know what I will do to steal get music now, lord knows I don't want to pay for the shitty shit that has been coming out for the last couple years.
I do thank the both of you for continuing to put up with my silly-assed randomness. I know it is impossible to nail down an "approach," to how I do this outside of me doing/saying precisely what the hell I want to do and when I want to do it.
Here's to many more from my favorite nihilist egomaniac asshole; me.
Thanks, all.

Damn, am 19 posts in on only the 14th?


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