Silverhawks, my take on this

I was born in 1979... That means I was alive through the golden age of cartoons/animated programming and was around to watch the migration from Saturday morning to Primetime. This brings me to first and second grades, in 1985 and '86.
Rankin/Bass had caught lightning in a bottle with Thundercats, an aesthetic masterpiece but a writing and common sense abortion, to be totally honest speaking as a 30 year-old looking back 25 years now. Anyway about it, the inexplicable 130-episode success of Thundercats granted them a green light to jump the shark with produce another series, Silverhawks.

File:Silverhawks Logo.jpg

Without getting into specifics as it relates to characters on the show, just know that EACH spot on the Thundercats' team is mirrored on the Silverhawks' team, except for Snarf, who will not be missed one little fucking bit.
Funny thing, here... Perusing my discussions of music and my attention to detail on most other posts, one would think -- based upon my draw to things nostalgic to me -- that I could remember SOMETHING about the plots/goings on in this show, but damn if I could remember a FUCKING thing for this post without first consulting Google. It was even then that I even noticed that the series is actually available on DVD.
Part of me wants to spend some time with my big new shiny, cancer-curing computer this week and see if I can't find a couple episodes for download to expand my memory for this post, but another part of me remembers wanting my fucking money back for the Thundercats DVD I bought on the FIRST day they released for entirely too much damned money a couple years ago... I own none of the subsequent sets, for the record.
All that being said, the fact that I remember damn near literally NOTHING about the show, added to the fact that many cartoon ADDICTS I know look at me as if there is a vagina growing from my forehead when I mention Silverhawks leads me to stop and think 'well damn, maybe it just wasn't that good after all.'

I guess this post is less about Silverhawks in general than it is about how Rankin/Bass got over with a not-very-good-anyway show for 130 episodes in Thundercats, but still somehow worked that to the tune of 65 episodes more of another show that was apparently equally not-very-good, with the only difference between them being that their second attempt was completely and totally forgettable.


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