Tracy McGrady, one and done in NY

I have been critical of Tracy McGrady for as far back as I care to remember...
For that record, that would be about the time when he and Grant Hill got to Orlando, McGrady scored a ton of points and got an enormous contract which ignored that he was a huge softy who didn't seemed to be terribly interested in playing defense if it would take away his energy to score, and then he started getting injured left and fucking right while Grant Hill continued to do the same.
$21+ million a year and you don't commit to the requisite conditioning and medical attention that helps you to preserve your livelihood?
Or were you planning to take this fatty contract and call it a life?
Orlando apparently comes to grips with the fact that he can't (or won't, which serves to my opinion of it) get and stay in shape to be worth the money he is making, so he is shoved off to Houston, where he COULD have served as one half of the second coming of Shaq and Kobe, playing Kobe to Yao Ming's Shaq...
One problem... Yao is from a country where literally NOBODY grows to 7'6" which means that he literally suffers -- and I mean suffers -- from gigantism, weak bones and frequent ticky-tack injuries that normal, even obese Americans, don't have to fight through. In so much, we find ourselves in a concert of injuries and missed games, all amounting to the chorus of Tracy McGrady NEVER having been on a team that made it past the first round of the playoffs with him on the active roster.
[Phlip note - he was on injured reserve last year when the Rockets made the second round just in time for Yao's foot to check out on him after having NO time to rest with the 2008 Olympics]
I guess he is thanking his lucky stars that collective bargaining allows it that no one can take his money from him as long as he is in the league, nor can they release him without SOMEONE giving it to him, and if he can't due to injury then he has some insurance to see to it that he still gets it.
Fact of the matter, here, is that McGrady has been stealing money for years, pretending to be a superstar for exorbitant money that he has yet to prove himself to be worth. Furthermore, he is a douche nozzle who is apparently feigning interest over in Darfur and such to keep his profile high.
Need proof that he is a dick?

Cool, I came up with a quick (2 vid) T-Mac bitch move compilation...

Kicks ball into stands TWICE:

Hits Bobby Jackson in face with ball, gets tackled:

To his credit, I have met Bobby Jackson a few times back in the late 90's and I was honestly surprised at his reaction at the time.

Well now we find mister McGrady at the end of that fatty contract and realizing that he is not even worth midlevel exception money, which was about $5.6 million a season as of this year, anymore as damaged goods as he is... At the top of this season, we saw him coming back from knee surgery to a team now featuring the young Trevor Ariza --fresh off of a 'all about the benjies' bitch move of his own -- making for a situation in which made him either expendable or less valuable. His first move? Overtures of wanting to be traded.
Now he has accomplished his mission and finds himself in the last year of his contract in NY, where he will score a LOT of points, play as little defense as possible, miss the playoffs and move the fuck on to what he THINKS is greener pastures, where he will attempt to swindle one last team into thinking he will manage to stay healthy longer than 5 minutes for huge money to close out his career.
He will do all of that except for get a big contract anywhere... Teams that are/were reluctant to show Allen Iverson big money without proving some shit to them this year should be all the proof we need of that, and Reebok is paying Iverson ($6 million) more this year than whatever team employs him ($650k, pro-rated amount of the $1.4million veteran's minimum).
And McGrady is NOT getting that kind of money from Reebok parent company Adidas...
In so many words, New York didn't bring McGrady in to be on the team, they brough him in for the vast amount of paper that he would clear off of their books at the end of the season for them to be able to offer at least 2 max contracts.
To his credit, T-Mac is the most accomplished scorer on the Knicks' roster, provided his back and knees are up to making the journey with him (HA!). In so much, he could TRY for some big cash after this season, but I just don't see how it happening. Smart money tells him to do the Charles Barkley thing, which is to take non-max money for real contenders chasing a ring late in his career.
Like Barkley, though, he will not get that ring. Unlike Barkley, however, he will not have the scapegoat that is Cheese Eyes Michael Jordan in his prime as he tries to shine in his twilight. No, he will have the Murder's Row that is Kobe Bryant as he is peaking, as well as Lebron James, Carmello Anthony and Dwyane Wade entering their primes, barring injuries, of course.

In total, Tracy McGrady has been the undoing of his own career.
Don't believe me?
Does anyone remember "if we don't make it out the first round this year, it's on me..."?
Yeah, well I remember it, as I do what happened when they didn't get out of the first round:


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