March 13 -- Happy Born Date, Common

Fun fact: Lonnie Rashid “Common” Lynn is one of my favorite rappers, if only based upon his second, third and 5th albums.

Funner fact: Lonnie Rashid “Common” Lynn is one of my LEAST favorite ACTORS, if only based upon his performances (or lack thereof) in EVERY movie has been in would be the reason why.

I remember when I was in 7th grade, rushing home to see I used to love H.E.R. on Rap City with Joe Claire and Big Lez on BET (when that station mattered) every day. I remember buying the CD and learning every word of it, then losing it and having to wait 8 years to buy it because it was out of print.
I remember buying One Day it’ll All Make Sense ON the day it released (record store was a mile from my highschool). I bought the next albums on their respective release dates, though I only loved one of them, and just tolerated The Electric Circus...
Anyway, through all of these, and the budding of an acting career, One Day… remained my favorite album, and my favorite hip hop album even to this date…

I will go as far as to not acknowledge him as an actor enough to even SEE his movies after Smokin’ Aces so as to not ruin the album I like most of his for myself.
… even though I have not liked either of the last two to purchase them in spite of the reduction in CD prices in response to the crash of the economy and music industry.

Given that the most popular month to marry is June – and the amorous feeling that spring flowers give human beings bearing fruit coming to a head in the month of June – the majority of birthdays among people you know will fall in the month of March, 9 months after June.
(you looked on FaceBook, didn’t you?)

That said, today is Common’s birthday.

I will set aside my distaste for him as an actor, and allow it to supplant my jealousy that he probably smutted Serena Williams in favor of appreciation that he made one of my favorite hip hop albums and has many more classic appearances in my time to bid Common a happy born date.

(I know that this is not HIS song, native, but it is one of my favorite appearances of his)

You should probably join me in this.


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