March 3 -- "Cant we all just get along?"

March 3, 1991...

Motorist and (then alleged) drug user Rodney King is spotted speeding on the 210 in LA, and – by his own admission – RUNS at speeds of up to 117mph, for fear that a DUI would violate his parole for a prior case.

Off of the freeway, the chase continued through surface streets, now having taken on several more black-and-whites and some choppers. Cornered, King stopped and he and his compadres were ordered from the car and complied. King, on the other hand remained in the car initially and (according to officers) acted strangely when he finally did step out.

Cops converged on him with guns drawn, but put them away and tried to take him down with hands only, but they say he resisted. Superhuman strength, mixed with the previous odd behavior, led the patrol officers to think that Rodney King was dusted, but toxicology tests prove otherwise.

At this point, another officer ordered the others away, and King allegedly yelled “DON’T TASE ME BRO!!!” and was tased anyway…
Unfortunately, there is no proof to the positive or to disprove this.

It was NOW that a concerned neighbor began filming the officers as he got up and moved toward an officer – which one deemed a lunge – and then they beat on King with batons, kicks and punches until he stopped trying to NOT get beat anymore.

What is HILARIOUS to me is that the person who videotaped this OFFERED the fact that he had the tape to the LAPD and they shit on him… In lieu of this, he took his tape to the news instead and got rich as a result.
to think, if the PD had taken that offer seriously, they would have TOTALLY avoided a shitstorm that would come to be.
I will discuss that shitstorm in April.


It's hard to believe the Rodney King incident was 20 years ago! Sadly, I don't think police departments have changed much since that time. Police treat different races differently, and this is unacceptable.

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