March 4 -- Maxwell "Grand Puba" Dixon

You know how important the memory of things that meant a lot to you as a kid are when you’re adult?
That is where today’s post comes from. I mean, the fact remains that Brand Nubian’s albums were only a little more than mediocre – say “pretty good,” I might – but there was ALWAYS that one song that would stick to your conscience. As I type that sentence, the real fans among us are simultaneously remembering 3 or 4 of those songs.

  • Punks Jump Up…
  • All For One
  • Slow Down
    and for those who acknowledge Puba’s solo career…
  • 2000

One thing they always say with musicians of any sort is that it is not so much what is said as it is the voice used to say it. Some of what Grand Puba and Brand Nubian advocated or spoke on (mainly the Islam-based subject matter) might have them on a no-fly list in 2011. It seemed more in the late 80s/early 90s that it was all about the music, and beats that could jar your fillings and the above-named catchy tunes and hooks were what the doctor ordered.
So why am I going on with this?

Today is his birthday…
Join me in wishing Maxwell “Grand Puba” Dixon a happy 45th!

Look, I only cared for one of his solo albums, so I will post everyone's go-to for their "I know Brand Nubian" conversations instead.

I won't front, it is still one of my favorites as well.


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