March 26 -- Thomas J Marshal's big deed

Next time you go to work and see the sprinkler system, you should stop a moment and thank Thomas J Marshal.

Yes, I know that a great many of the two of you have never heard of the guy…

What He did on today’s date in 1872 was to get the patent for the fire extinguishing system that put together a system of pipes, valves and all that goodness to bring the water from the storage to delivery in the prevention/stoppage of your ass burning to death.
That Patent # was 125,063.

I wish I was able to find any more on the guy, but the fact remains that information on black inventors from the 19th century will be scarce as can be, even on the 2011 internets.

That said, not much more I can do but thank the dude for laying the groundwork for the systems that keep me safe indoors in industrial buildings.


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