March 17 -- Streetsweepers

Did y’all know that there was once a time where all that shit you threw out of your horse-drawn carriage had to be swept and cleaned up by actual people?

Yeah, I know it seems weird to me too, but prior to March 17, 1896, when C. B. Brooks designed and patented the street sweeper, which attached brushes to trucks and at least pushed the stuff to the side of the roads, making trampling of workers less common.

“just what in the blue hell does that have to do with black history?”

Seriously, if you had to ask that, then you’re too far gone for me to help you. C.B. Brooks was a black dude.
As ever, I couldn’t find much about him, so let us not look for his bio here today.

Mr. Brooks, we salute you on behalf of the city workers the world over!


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