March 11 -- "A Raisin in the Sun"

March 11, 1959...
Lorraine Hansberry’s play opened in the Barrymore Theater starring Sidney Poitier and Claudia McNeil in the starring spots.

At 530 showings, it was the longest-running black-written production in Broadway before or since it.
(Phlip note – how GREAT is it that it was this and not some Tyler Perry bullshit?)

I could go in on the remakes of the play, I will be honest that I NEVER heard of it until Mrs. Mewborn’s class in 5th grade, when we watched the made-for-TV 1989 version she recorded on VHS (HA! remember those?) and we watched over the course of 2 days in class.
As it were, as with any of my pop-culture jokes that are carefully woven in the jokes that are in-person conversations with me, I have a few go-to moves from this production.
(Phlip note – a conversation with me in person goes a LOT like my blogs, foul language and all, just imagine I’m doing a lot of talking with my hands too)

Back to the point, here…

The original was nominated for four Tony Awards – Best Play, Best Actor in Play, Best Actress in Play and Best Direction in Play.
Apparently, it won none of these, as my source material mentions none of those nominations as wins.

As it were, the accomplishment that is the longevity that the play saw, with remakes up to as recently as 2008 on another made-for-TV production speak to the necessity of the placement in my presentation of black history facts.


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