March 10 -- R.I.P. Harriett Tubman

Look, we know who she was and what she did.

In being the lynchpin for the very actions that saw that which she was most strongly against actually put down – and WITHIN her lifetime, no less – she is one of the few black heroes that would see at least a portion of their dream (semi-pun totally intended) come to fruition.

Well on today’s date in 1913, she passed away at the believed age of 93, though we know quite naturally that we would be fine to assume a “give or take” when discussing the ages of those born slaves.

The sad part about this in 2011 terms is how people nowadays choose their “heroes” in the most bass-ackwards of manners. People are deified and damn near worshipped who do nothing, stand for nothing and are often not much more than some slick words and a pretty packaging.
We really must start choosing our idols better, people.


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