Terrible reality TV programming and being an individual who can draw out “too far man, too far…” jokes even in a roast, one must stand aside and see that Flav was an integral part of an influential group of individuals in hip hop.
The hypeman/sometimes-rapper/comic-relief member of Public Enemy, we initially knew him for his adlibs randomly placed in the middle of songs – most especially “YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH BOYEEEE!!!” if we know nothing else of him. Some of us remember other things like “911’s a Joke” and--… well hell, I can’t think of another song of his that I could make myself listen to if I had to do so right now.

Beyond that, he became famous for his bastardization of the “dating reality show” mold that was initially used on The Bachelor and has now become VH1’s go-to move. It was so much to the point where one contestant that lost on his show, then TWO that lost on HER show got identical shows of their own – two EACH at that(!?)
And as I understand it, as the one who brainstormed what the show became, every time you see one of those “… love of…” or “… of love” shows on VH1, William Drayton Jr. gets a check for it.
Not a bad hustle for an old-ass (for a rapper) homely dude with otherwise marginal-at-best talents, no?

I have always wondered how Chuck D feels about Flav having taken his coonery on the road, so to speak, using it to slob down chicks that guys in his aesthetic realm generally would never have been allowed to otherwise and making more babies than Lil Wayne and Ochocinco combined.

It becomes a matter of opinion whether or not you see him as having s”sold out,” and it matters most that you stop to consider his own opinion of it all. I think it was Katt Williams who quoted (or probably paraphrased) it the best after Flav’s roast, where a few white people probably used the context of the roast to cross the line with impunity. Basically, he questioned how he could TAKE that kinda comment about him without a good old-fashioned freakout, to which Flav responded basically “shit, let em say what they want… I’m getting PAID!”
Then he said something about him flying off like a big black bat or something such…

Anyway, today marks the anniversary of Flav’s 52nd trip around the sun, so join me in bidding him a happy one.


Unknown said…
I heard a radio interview with Chuck just before that roast with him talking about it. Chuck didn't wanna do it but Flav begged him to be a part of it. like a good friend, he didn't necessarily like what all Flav was doing him but he supported him. (if I remember the interview correctly... it has been a couple years)

love hate or indifference Katt said it best, the man is getting paid and I personally can't hate him for that.

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