True Story© Knowing Your Worth

Sometimes I sit and I watch and listen to people.  Not to get anything out of it so much as just to have something to do with a little of my time.  Naturally, this requires that I go out in public and kinda sit in my own space with my good ears on as well.  As much as I people-watch, I mainly tend to mind my own business and jettison a situation from my head as soon as it has ended and that is largely for the better of what remains of the little mental health I have left.
But oh, this one day…

                I am in Wal Mart and this woman is giving her dude the BUSINESS!  NagNagNagNagNag, nothing he could do was right, nothing he could say was satisfactory and silence didn’t seem to be getting it either.  Each time I passed them it was something different and each time you could see the man becoming less and less of a human with EVERY time she addressed him, he just kind of clammed up and looked down the whole time.  Eventually, she just said “wait right here, I am going to the bathroom” and he stood there in one spot, looking defeated.
I was NOT having this shit…  I walked up.

Me: “my dude, I couldn’t help but notice you having some troubles with your wife--…”
Him: “Girlfriend.”

Me: “Sorry, girlfriend.  I just wanted to say, man…  I been there before.  You know how women are always on about knowing their worth and not putting up with no shit?  Think about it, man, don’t you owe it to yourself to know your worth and not be beaten down like this?”

Him: “Well, yeah.”

Me: “Ain’t no ‘well’ my dude, either it is or it isn’t.  Are you guilty of something that can be held over you in order to be shit on like this in front of all these people out here in public?”

Him: “No”

Me: “Good, and is there something OTHER that she has over you to have you under her thumb to turn a blind eye to obvious mistreatment?”

Him: “Nope.”

Me: “Well homie…  It is fight or flight time.  If I was you, I’d make a decision right now.  Know. Your. Worth, stand up and don’t be mistreated and if you find that you can be happy enough to stay, then stay.  If it isn’t something you can see your happiness in, then you know what it is homie.”

Him: “Thanks man…  No one has ever put it to me like that!”

Me: “Like I said, man…  I been there before and I can NOT stand to sit and see another man going down through it.  This was none of my business and surely you had no reason not to tell me to fuck off, but I appreciate you hearing me.”

Him: “Shit, I appreciate you man!”

I looked and she was coming back up the aisle behind him, he couldn’t see her and she was still a ways off.  He started the other direction, leaving the cart behind.  He looked at me with one last quick exchange.

Him: ”I didn’t catch your name, my man…”

Me: “Oh, it’s Moe...  Moe Phillips.  Peace my dude.”

Him: “Peace, I appreciate it.”

                And with that, he headed DIRECTLY out the door with her standing in the middle of the aisle demanding to know “where in the fuck you think you going?!!?” totally embarrassing the both of them right there in that store.  Well, I guess I should say she embarrassed herself, because he kept going right for the door, twirling his keys around his index finger.  In his knowing his worth becoming a fight or flight, he decided it was time to fly, all while she ranted and ripped down the back aisle of the store, calling his phone and cursing his voicemail, then calling her homegirls and loud talking THEM about this “stupid motherfucker just left me in Wal Mart.”
I thank my lucky stars that she didn’t notice me close enough to have been talking to him before walking toward us, lest I might have had to call security to defend me in there.

Moe Phillips…  The Supervillain.


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