Hotep Movie Moment - The Rocky Theory

I have found the very reason that we are not allowed to see many movies about strong Black upliftment from Hollywood.

I call this my Rocky Theory, brothas and sistas.
Look back at the Rocky movies…

  • Rocky – Rocky matches up against a superior but supposedly cocky Apollo Creed and uses the Black man’s hubris against him and stays upright for the whole fight.  No winner was declared, but we all assumed Rocky to be because of how it all played out.
  • Rocky II – Having had his name sullied by being matched by an inferior fighter, Apollo asks for a rematch and is rebuffed.  The still-cocky black man spends a whole movie making him take the fight, then LOSES the fight due to a brash obsession with knocking the white man out.
  • Rocky III – Now having disposed of the original cocky negro, Rocky is the best thing ever invented and can move on to new targets.  This time, a NEW cocky original African Black man named Clubber Lang assaults Rocky’s precious manager causing him a heart attack for which Rocky must avenge him.  One problem though.  Clubber was prepared for and won the fight.  The moral of this story now is that with preparation, the white man will ALWAYS beat the best black man down eventually.  This also includes the since-slavery approach to doing so by using our own community against us.  Apollo Creed decided to become Rocky’s Pet Negro™ and train him to beat Clubber!  Showing us that we have always been our own worst enemies.
  • Rocky IV – With his Pet Negro™ in tow, we have our hero confronted with an existential crisis.  See, Apollo is still a good boxer, but is still cocky.  Since Rocky has to keep his “I have black friends” narrative moving, he now has to avenge Apollo getting himself killed with the same shit that lost him his title back in the original Rocky movie.
    But wait, a new nemesis!
    Not only do we have the Russians throwing the first punch in cheating their way to victory, they also KILLED Rocky’s Black Friend©!  Now Rocky has to pretend he gave a damn about that n**ga AND end the cold war.  Y’all know how this ends.
  • Rocky V – look, to avoid telling the obvious joke about Tommy Morrison eventually dying of AIDS, I am gonna skirt having to act like I DIDN'T see this piece of shit 3-5 times and just pretend Rocky V didn’t exist.
    Fuck me…  I told the joke anyway, didn’t I?

What this series of movies taught us is unimportant.  What it told young Italians (and to the larger overarching populace, ALL white people) is that they were physically, morally and mentally superior to us.

Hell, Eddie Murphy tried to warn us!

Back to my original point, though...  Hollywood will NOT be caught giving us this kind of empowerment in film because things like Black Lives Matter and likeminded organizations would have us ruling the world like the Black kings and queens we were all born to be.  And in Trump’s America, you know these motherfuckers ain’t HAVING that.  “They” won’t tell you this shit in a school curriculum, but I am HERE to give you the jewels.
Stay woke my brothers and sisters.


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