No, this blog is actually not about food, rather what happened during lunch today...

Okay, so this morning, I made a decently hearty breakfast, which -- as I customarily do -- carried to work with me to eat at my desk...
I had some shit to do when I got in, so I was not able to eat it until damn near 9:30.
Old annoying-ass is off today, so to make sure the department was not short anyone on lunch, I took mine early and I was FAR from hungry...
"Fuck, I got a couple dollars and have an extra check coming this week, I will hit the spots and see what I can find with this hour of my life."
Yes, I said that out loud, but I was in the car by myself, so no one heard me.
I went by Tuesday Morning, Michaels and Target before heading back to the building...
While in Tuesday Morning, I saw another of those 1955 SLR Mille Miglias, but left it there, instead getting...

1990 BMW 850i:

Yes, I know that it may not fit the designs of what some might think of as a "OMG, BUY THAT ONE!!!" model, but the fact remains that I wanted one when I was a young teenager in the 90's, and the nightmare that they are to maintain is the only thing between adult me and actually LOOKING for one. I own one pain-in-the-ass car already, luckily inexpensive to maintain.

Michaels disappointed me today, I didn't get anything there, but Target was right across the parking lot, where I would acquire...

2009 Nissan GTR:

... now, I was a LITTLE bit worried about it being from the "Dub City" line, seeing as how much I detest Dub magazine. I swear, I have friends who drive shit like what appears in that magazine and it almost makes me ashamed of my brown skin, lol.
One could imagine how close I came to suicide when I went to Miami on my way to my cruise a while back. Luckily, we're cruising from Canaveral this year.
Anyway, before shitting on the idea of getting it, I had to inspect it and make sure that it had been equipped with wheels/adornments resembling those I saw on the one at the auto show back in February, and the fact that you see the picture above on the front seat of the car shows that it passed the test. Wheels were just as the stock ones were, in "Chrome" for this application, no blingy shit on the inside, no otherwise unnecessary shiny shit on the rest of it... I will let myself pay $19.99 plus sales tax.

Katie and I will strike out on one of our "adventures" this weekend and I am hoping to be able to cop a few more. I am hoping one of my tax checks comes in addition to the extra I am getting from my employer as a result of this whole tax situation.

No, folks, I am not keeping you long this blog, that was actually it for a change.


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