Saturday adventure.

Today's "adventure" was fun...
We didn't do a whole lot, she was running a little late after class, so I ventured out on my own for much of the morning after Preston and I finished the yard at the church 2 others right next door to it... I mixed looking for cars in with my grocery/sundries shopping, and wound up with a few (10) Matchbox cars and a couple of (4) Hotwheels.

14 cars, 14 bucks, gotta love it...

Then when Katie arrived, she drove and we went to eat dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Durham, then walked around a bit, and went into this little shop where I would happen upon a Barack Obama bobblehead:

... and a DIY action figure, which I will have to paint myself:

(no biggie, I have a ton of model paint here in the house)

And the jewel of my weekend, understandable by those who know my obsession with all things Lego, she bought me:

That's right, fam, Lego Minifig pen... I don't know if I want to actually open it or not.

... DAMN, that's IT!!!
No more blog this time.
Yes, I know I am good to take you on a ride that takes a half hour or more to read, but I have a fucking headache right now.


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