My 600-Lb Addiction

     Two things I have noticed about TLC of late…
1 – These folks are fucking obsessed with fat people.

2 – I can’t seem to look the hell away as they do it.

     Last year, one of my wives my lady tricked me into watching an episode of My 600-Lb life and despite being initially repulsed by the concept of a human being weighing a quarter of the weight of my smaller car and not instantly exploding, I watched.  I noticed, then, their response to the popularity of the show was to add more “fat people” programming.  I know this is nothing new, not with prior shows like Honey Boo Boo and the whole My Big Fat Fabulous […] series.  For good measure, they threw in Big and Little, a show about fat midgets overweight little people.

“Phillip, how have you paid so much attention to even KNOW all of this?” you ask.
I remind you to have a look at #2 above.

     So anyway.  Caught up in the “can’t look away” angle has kept me morbidly interested in the show.  Another thing is the “that will NEVER be me” angle.  Well…  Let’s remind you both that the last time I was even ALMOST headed in that direction, it ended in the triumvirate of visits to Urgent Care, Primary Care and Heart Specialists so I am sure I wouldn’t survive to see 350 pounds, let alone 600+.
But the shit is MOTIVATING.
Wait…  First of all, my family and those around me keep it too damn real to even entertain enabling me or anyone around us to get that THAT big, and especially not while they were left holding that grocery bill.
But yeah, these shows are motivating…

“You know what I want right now?  Some cookies!” and then someone is having to be washed on a tarp in the middle of their bed that they can’t ever actually get all the way out of, lymphedema masses flopping all over the place.
“yeah…  fuck them cookies, you wanna go to the gym in the morning?”

     All that said, I am in the best shape I have seen in years and only getting better.  I can thank my mild obsession with fat people shared with TLC for my progress.


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