Anyone Out There?

     This is as much for me as it is for you…
Given family history, a period of undiagnosed depression and a healthy/unhealthy fondness for fermented beverages, I am full aware that my mind will one day begin to slip.
I was reading some articles a few years ago that explained the connection  of creative activities (writing, art, etc…) and the slowing of the process.

     Knowing what I know at 38 and of sound mind to think of it, I intend to stretch this process for as long as I physically can.  As long as I have my eyesight and my hands can perform the action of typing, I am going to keep writing.  Even if I don’t make a dime doing it, the value gained from preserving my future for as long as I can makes it worth it.

     I know I can’t realistically expect my audience to be my forever audience, and as a middle child I am more than adjusted to this.  Given the information taken from the above links, I am of the mind that continuing to create – and the ability to return and relive – my work here serves me just as well whether or not anyone else is actually reading them…
…  someone is clicking the links according to my stats, but lord knows if they’re hanging out and reading.


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