Writing About Writing, Vol 10

Be a "Volume Shooter"…

This guy, he was a volume shooter:

What does that even mean?

A lot of people saw Kobe Bryant as a ballhog of sorts.  What people were missing is that sometimes overachieving will come from an outpouring of effort.  Putting up a ton of points on a bunch of shots might be the easiest way to it.

     If you write, then write.  Every time your smartphone comes out, your notes app should be available within two taps of your screen.  MS Word (or whatever word processing application you use) should be on your frequently-used or shortcutted on your computers.
EVERYTHING can be written about.  Writing should be a constant process.

     Stick to it, stick to it constantly.  Throw a million things at the wall in hopes that a thousand stick, and fine tune the whole FUCK out of that thousand.  Write until you're tired, but not until you're burnt out.
You will write some things you hate.  You will write some STUPID, bitter or otherwise unintelligible shit (on the nights you might have imbibed in your chosen vice), but keep writing.  None of those throwaways are anyone’s business but you and God.

     Plan ahead, be consistent with and loyal to it.  Everything isn’t for everybody so never approach anything like it should be.  As I write this, there are dozens of posts in queue that have been there since it was hot outside.  I started back up September before last with a 1-per-week plan.  That grew to 2-per on the back of a joke that started in the comments section on FB.  My lady wanted to play along, we added the food posts, now we're up to three.  Somehow, I am giving 4-6 posts a week sometimes and I don't know how.  Hell, there are things in my drafts that have been there since I was married.  For every one of all of those things, some of which are BRILLIANT presentations, there are ten each that I said “fuck this” and ditched.

     So what if it felt like Kobe shot 50 shots for 25 points a game (a career 44.7% shooting percentage for someone who played his position suggests that this is absolutely NOT the truth), the point of it all is that the greatness we will remember for a long time to come will be from the ones that fell through that damn net.

     Keep firing until you get one through.
Then shoot some more, dammit.


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