Writing About Writing Vol 1

I can’t draw very well.
Likewise for painting.
I ain’t much of a photographer or videographer.
I suck with PhotoShop.
I am pretty decent with a Digital Audio Workstation, but I am shy about my music.

I write…
I write a LOT (well, more than I had in the last five years).
And to be totally honest with you, my handwriting is pretty shitty too!

When I write, I like to think can I close my eyes and see the people and places that I am telling of in the stories.  I try to order my words in a manner that the two of you can see the people places and things I am talking about as well.
I swear this gives everyone a different perspective of each story, everyone taking something different from it altogether.  Sometime that “something different” is far from what I even saw while writing.

More than anything, though, these last 8ish months has shown me I can have fun with this again.  Sure, I am down to once a week with a little something here and there in between, but the time spent planning and working on the pieces is the real ride.
I guess I say all that to say that when I found my new muse and motivation, I have also found my voice and regained a stride that my dwindling post frequency clearly shows I had lost.

I see who has stuck with me, and I see who has joined anew, be they through FaceBook, word-of-mouth, or (God forbid…  what the hell were y’all LOOKING for?) a Google search that landed them here.
Anyway…  Enough writing about writing, I have a True Story© or 5 to write.

See y’all Thursday!


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