February 11th -- 1861, it becomes federal law that "we ain't gettin' involved"

"what in the purple hell are you talking about, Phlip?"

Thanks for asking!

Following the election of Lincoln, and the resulting ramp-up to the beginning of the Civil War, it was (OBVIOUSLY) up to question what was the Federal Government’s stance on the whole thing.


The stance became, with a House of Representatives UNANIMOUSLY signed a resolution that amounted to, basically “my name is Wes and I ain’t in this mess,” guaranteeing NON interference with slavery in any state.

This is a big deal, considering how just 10 years prior, there was the Fugitive Slave Law, which REQUIRED that officials in “free” states aid in the capture of fugitive slaves. Because of this, at the time, slaves were made to run a LEEEEEEETLE further north to Canuckistan Canada, as there was little good in staying in the states.

With the official stance of non-involvement, the door was opened for the escape to a better situation for (now former) slaves.
I guess I shouldn’t need to mention why my mind leads me to believe that this act was also a touchoff point to the civil war, which would begin about 2 months and some change later, but I would be wrong for not at least MENTIONING it.


I am not all “doom and gloom,” sometimes I post black history month stuff that is actually positive for brown folks.


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