February 12th -- "Honest Abe"

Yes, I know I posted something that included him JUST YESTERDAY, but my only other option was the date that the NAACP was established.
And you know what?
I motherfucking REFUSE!

Therefore, 02/12/1809 is the date of birth of assassinated 16th president Abraham Lincoln. An opponent of the expansion of slavery and apparent possessor of an annoyingly nasal voice native to northern Kentucky/Illinois residents of his time, it is quite surprising to me that he even MADE it to the presidency.
No, I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth, now, I am WELL aware that his bucking the odds are a large part of why I can actually speak English and sit at a computer right now, I am just sayin’.

That said, dear reader…
If you cannot understand the importance of Abraham (no middle name) Lincoln to Black History Month, I would casually and respectfully invite you to become a former reader of my blog.


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