February 18th -- (please open this one for the surprise topic)

Today, I am skipping over things such as…

· The birth of Dr Dre
(until I get Detox, I refuse to discuss Andre Young)

· The death of Dale Earnhardt
(he was not black)


· Trinidad being surrendered to a British Fleet
(even though this is ‘technically’ a “black” topic)

in lieu of all of those, I am discussing the first publication of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

“but Phlip, how the fuck is THAT on topic?”

Thanks for asking!

One character; two words…

Nigger Jim.

Look, I have read the book a few times, I know that the words only appear together ONE TIME in the whole 300something pages, but damned if that has not become a great many peoples’ go-to in the whole “what I know about Huck Finn” info share.

The tenor of the book was accepted in negative light and critically panned because of such language choices, and I guess one could see that as valid in the grand scheme of things, considering that the book was not published in the States until 1885, thus a time where one might think that such language denigrating brown people would be PROMOTED and not panned.


I warned that I would be coming from left field with a great many of these, and damned if I didn’t pull through with this one.


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