February 10th -- Ron Brown is elected...

Before Barack Obama, there was ANOTHER "safe" lightskinned black guy with political pull...
His name? Ron Brown.

Ron was elected as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee on 02/10/1989, and would go on to assist in the election of a then little-known Arkansas politician named William Clinton as he himself would become the President of the United States.

The reward for his work would be appointment as the Secretary of Commerce in 1993 by new President Clinton.

While it might seem on the surface that the plays were in order for Ron to become a (perhaps) major player in a run for the office himself sometime down the road, the unfortunate reality would be that he would leave us early. On 04/03/1996, on an “official trade mission,” the plane carrying Brown and 34 others would crash in/near Croatia, killing everyone onboard.

Awards, honors, scholarships and even a NOAA ship have since been named in his honor, so Ron Brown has not been forgotten.


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