February 16th -- LeVar Robert Martyn "Kunta" Burton

You know, you never know how full a career some of the people I randomly-as-fuck choose to profile had until you choose to look deeper into it…

Yes, we all know Reading Rainbow (which made us all think he was gay), and Roots.
I didn’t know him as a director as well, from TV shows I heard of (but never watched) JAG, Cahrmed and Soul Food: The Series.

Yeah, we remember the Star Trek shit, and we pretended to ignore Roots: The Gift in 88.
We vaguely remember him as MLK in Ali.

Voice work saw him on Batman the Animated Series, Pinky and the Brain, Captain Planet and Transformers Prime.
[Phlip note – I know some self-righteous individual is waiting to say “man, I knew ALL of that, where YOU been?!!?” and to that person, I say eat a dick]

His directorial resume impresses, even though I have only sat through like 8 episodes of Star Trek in my whole life, and probably none are among the 28 he directed inside of 4 different seasons, but I know that there is a fervent nerd fanbase for that show, and the fact that he is not dead suggests that SOMEONE enjoyed them.

So there you have it, lady and gentleman… another Black History Month curveball.
The other choice would have been Ice-T, but that would have been the more predictable of the choices, so I went this way instead.


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