February 25th -- Iron Mike/Frank Bruno

I COULD have done Ali/Liston from 25 years prior, but you will see why I did not do that tomorrow.

There is NO secret that (pre-Buster Douglas screwjob/fake rape charge) Mike Tyson was my favorite boxer EVER... On today's date in 1989, in the midst of a failing marriage he should not have been in and ahead of the personal shit that would derail his whole career, Mike Tyson fought Frank Bruno in a fight that represented the first time I had ever seen Mike even remotely STUNNED in a fight.

... that thing they say about fool's gold...
5th round knockout, Michael Gerard Tyson victorious after the ref stopped the fight while Tyson beat mercilessly on a laying-on-the-ropes Bruno.
9-year-old-Phlip was happy.


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