February 20th -- RIP Frederick Douglass

Okay, I will be serious(ish) from here on...

On today’s date in 1895 at the age of about 78 – the birth dates of blacks were not recorded back then – Frederick Douglass, born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, passed away in Washington DC.

His life, as we all learned, served as a counter to the assumptions about black intellect that still dog us to this day (thanks, Gucci Mane fans!). That said, there is no need for me to delve deeply into the gritty details of what we know of his life. Even a perfunctory Google search will give you ALL you need to know about the life of Frederick Douglass.
Or Wikipedia, if you’re feeling lazy.
What I am here to do more than anything is to introduce you to why we should not forget the chance to celebrate the life of those who have helped to drive us to where we are, sometimes in spite of ourselves.

Again, not here to give super-lengthy posts to be plagiarized by one of your lazy-fucking children in years to come, I will stop here with a RIP to one of the architects of our freedom to practice the ignorance that a great many of us still do.


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