Spot a bigot using basketball...

Using the comments sections on various sports news sites (MSN, CNN, ESPN, etc…), I have been conducting an experiment over the last several months…

  • Step 1 – find a white dude, generally a sports fan.
  • Step 2 – engage him in conversation about sports
  • Step 3 – turn the conversation to NBA basketball
  • Step 4 – watch his reaction…

If he goes with “I really don’t watch NBA ball…” then you ask him why.
If he presents you with an OBJECTIVE reason as to why, be it that he just doesn’t quite follow the game or care for how things are handled then all is well.

If his answer tails off into ANY use of the words “thug,” “gangster/gangsta” or “ghetto,” and all leading back to “I prefer college basketball” then you are dealing with a bigot.

If dealing in the regular real world, then the bigotry is naturally closeted so as to not incite a riot, but on the internets, where anonymity rules the day, all walls are down and the gloves are off.

Try it when you get bored sometime.


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