February 4th -- Ah ha, hush that fuss!!! Rosa Parks

Yes, pardoning the Outkast lyrics above, today marks the date that Rosa Parks was born.

Look, we all know the story from our regular Black History Month lessons in school… On December 1, a then-42 year-old Rosa was tired after work and refused to give up her seat on the bus.

And so on and so forth.
I promised not to kill the two of you in the face with the standard-fare “peanut butter, MLK, stoplight, open heart surgery” shit that we normally got during February as kids.

We’re here to bid the “mother of the civil rights movement” a happy birthday, though she passed away in October of 2005.

I really do hate that, in her later years while she was suffering from dementia that her greedy-ass family – unable to have capitalized on her status in Civil Rights – tried to SUE Outkast over the above named song.

Again, none of these posts will be as long as has been my norm for the years, I am here to provide the what/who and why it matters to a given date in February, then keep it moving.

[Phlip note – that and I ain’t trying to get plagiarized for some kid’s paper in the coming years following a google search]

I’ll see you folks tomorrow with something new.


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