February 24th -- The SOLES of black folks

This one is a direct play on yesterday's post, and definitely one of those asshole moves of mine as it relates to the topic of Black History Month.
As you read this, I more than likely have a pair of Nikes on my feet. The same can be said for EVERY black dude I have seen this week. The same can be said for the dude I mentioned on the 9th and 17th, considering the company made him more rich than basketball probably did directly.
Anyway, what's the point?
Nike was started by a certain Philip Knight, and today is HIS 73rd birthday.

Don't you just LOVE stereotypes?
Somewhere, RIGHT NOW, in America all at once, there is a black kid being beaten up for his Nike Airs, and an African in a flea market selling a bootleg pair to someone for $45 bucks.
In my demented mind, these combined facts make the founder and majority owner of the company relevant to a series of Black History Month posts... Ain't that crazy?

Anyway... I can't hate or judge, as I am enjoying the comfort and performance of a Max/Zoom Air mid and/or outsole RIGHT now, and will gladly position my happy ass in the Nike store for more of them in the VERY near future, perhaps as soon as this coming weekend.


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