Fenruary 6th -- Virginia Minstrels

I didn't say I was doing all positive or readily-known black history...
Today we talk about the opening of the Virginia Minstrels, and if you know what a Minstrel Show is, then you know why this is not the greatest of things to be talking about during Black History Month.

But there again, speaking of Minstrel Shows and such, I discussed Gucci Mane a few days ago, didn't I?

That was then, this is now...

The reasons you SHOULD know the Virginia Minstrels, in addition to the one that you might not have known til now - that they introduced the minstrel show in the US - is that they're credited with introducing little diddies that you're already aware of.
Jimmy Cracked Corn ring a bell?
told you

It is readily understandable how hurtful minstrel shows were to the black experience and how they're likely seen as a shitstain on black American history, but the fact remains that they're a conduit from where we were to where we are.
Therefore, this entry is valid to my series of Black History Month posts.

Heck, I COULD have done Ronald Reagan.


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