Writing About Writing, Vol 11

     Sometimes you don’t know what the fuck you want to write, you just know you want to write when you sit down to do so.
My trick when I find myself in this spot?  A key word or phrase…

What do I mean?
Come back to August and September with me.

Work Spouse: ALL I knew I wanted to include in that story was the “Pennsylvania into her Virginia” line and had been thinking about it for THREE WEEKS before the scribe.

Quaaludes: I was talking about The Get Down with someone the day before I wrote this story and the only thing I could think of was “boogie oogie Disco Biscuits.”

I wrapped ENTIRE stories around getting those words/phrases into the mix.

     Sometimes, that is about all the spark you should need.  A “why” to your “what.”  Having one goal to write toward is what it took to get you typing, the real fun is making it JUST there.
To me, that is the fun part; sitting down with NOTHING to go on and remembering some silly shit that happened in a text conversation or FB comments thread that became an element of a story.

Trust, when you sit down to write with an idea of SOMETHING you want to include, the rest of the story basically writes itself.


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