Phood Phun with Phlip - Fancy Vinegar Chicken & Creamed Greens

Fun surprise this week…  Pork!

Look, I read the title, heck I WROTE the title.  I know it says chicken, but the fooder around these parts wanted some swine tonight, so she made a dual dish including both chicken and pork tenderloin.

Let’s get to business here.  This will be quite simple, and will require you plan a full day ahead.
First, you will need (not pictured):
1lb of boneless/skinless chicken breast (or pork tenderloin)
1/4 cup red wine vinegar

3/4 cup red wine vinaigrette
1tbsp minced garlic

Marinate the meat in the above ingredients overnight.
Brown them in a lightly oiled pan but do not cook them all of the way through.

Pull from the heat and bake at 350 until internal temp of 160/165 (chicken/pork, respectively)
And that is IT!

Give it a few minutes to rest, and slice.

A few minutes to rest?  Yeah…  about that.

You should have sliced your zucchini long-way and can sauté it in the meat leavins that remain in the pan (apparently, that is called “fond’ but I find the term “meat leavins” more entertaining).
For the amount of time THAT took, the meat(s) should be ready to slice and get ready to serve.
(meat leavins)



No, wait.
Two vegetables tonight, because why not?

Creamed greens…

1 bag each frozen spinach and collard greens (kale is also an option) 
1/3 cup each plain Greek yogurt and Half-and-Half

1.5 cup shredded Italian cheese
dash of Nutmeg and salt to taste.

Cook the greens together to the directions on the bag, drain as much moisture out as possible.  Mix everything else listed above and cook until the cheese is melted.

[Note: some cream cheese might have been AMAZING right here]

And then, lady and gentleman…  We are DONE!

Chicken is plated, the pork was just enjoyed by the one who eats that.

I would NORMALLY go on about how good something was, but I think you should know that it was for me to even post it.  This one was especially tasty though, even Ava wanted more.  That says a lot.
Funny thing, actually...  Since we cook at the same time a lot of the time, I borrowed a couple spoonfuls of the greens for my breakfast for the week while we worked.


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