Phood Phun With Phlip... Pardon Our Dust

     Please bear with us this week, folks.  Two kitchens are becoming one, so all of our stuff is somewhere in the in-between.  Tuesday posts are the ones we have not yet built a cache of yet, so that means we are without a post this week.
We will use this opportunity and space to recap the things we HAVE done, though.

     Spaghetti Zoodles and Sauce:
An intro to substitutions.  Properly used, zucchini will become one of the most versatile things in your entire kitchen.

     Fried Chicken Breakfast Sliders:
Speaking of switch-ups…  We’ve been frying chicken wrong our entire lives.  All of us.  Also, “low-carb” doesn’t necessarily mean “no bread” either.

     Cauliflower Croquettes:
A dish I created with potatoes a long time ago goes over JUST as swimmingly with cauliflower.

     Curried Fish and Spicy Ginger Cabbage:
Mimi: “let’s not”

     Lottery-Winning Chicken:
This chicken filling will become one of the most versatile and multi-use things you could ever thank your creator for bringing into your life.

     Breakfast “Muffins”:
Make-ahead breakfast for maximum convenience and consistency needed in your healthy eating.

     PIZZA NIGHT!!!:
Easy-to make pizza crust, topped like you would any other pizza.  Again, low-carb eating does not have to be boring at all.

     Eggplant Chicken Chili:
I want to say this one is sel-explanatory, but it really isn’t.  Simple to make, not a ton of ingredients, and should prove to be wonderful comfort food for you and yours this fall and winter.

     Fancy Vinegar Chicken and Creamed Greens:
Because sometimes the best name is also the simplest one too.

It’s lasagna.  It’s zucchini.  It’s ‘Zagna.  Get it?

     Citrus Pepper Wings and Cauliflower Florentine Bake:
The wings are a pretty-much constant, but that bake?  I PROMISE that one is coming back sometime in the not-too-distant future.  I envision it with some chicken diced up inside of it for a casserole unto itself.

And that is what we have presented since adding this segment to the blog.  Things should normalize next week and we will be back to schedule.  Thanks for sticking with us.


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